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It is with great regret that I have learnt that Mal Geddes, Z23JO, passed away on April 1st last. Although I have only known Mal since I have been on 6m, I have counted him as a friend. As Secretary of the UKSMG, Mal regularly wrote long letters telling me all about Zimbabwe, 6m, and other matters. He could not pay his subscriptions in the normal way due to currency export limitations so he used to drip-feed me with IRCs throughout the year. Mal was a keen member of the Group and listened on the band until the end. He also provided regular reports to "The Six and Ten Report" although in recent years all he seemed to hear was white noise. My most recent communication with Mal was for him to send me recordings of his beacon for use on the web site so I am pleased to be in receipt of the letter from Dirk, his son, pasted below.

Mal will be sorely missed in the 50MHz world as the only active amateur in Zimbabwe but I am sure all those that worked him will remember him for many years to come. What could be a better memorial.

Chris, G3WOS, Chairman UKSMG

Centenery, Zimbabwe
13th April 1997

Dear Chris,

I regret to have to inform you that my Father - Mal Z23J0 went "SILENT KEY" at 6.15 on the 1st April 1997 after an illness bravely born.

I found your letter in his log book and thought that you would like to know why you have not heard him lately. I know he sent you a couple of tapes of the audio from the beacon that used to be here.

The beacon will be moved to another ham no doubt in due course, but I am pleased to be able to tell you that it will in future be called the "Mal Geddes Memorial Beacon station" as a tribute to my Dad from the Radio society in this country.

He and my Mom had been married almost 58 years (June 1939) and though she is bearing up, it has been a traumatic time for her.

I am sorry that I have to be the bearer of such sad news Chris, but felt I had to write.

All the very best.


Dirk Geddes (Elder son of Mal - Z23J0

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