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The August 1994 issue of Six News
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Swaziland 2001
Wolfgang Kunicke, DL4WK



The DXpedition 2001 to Swaziland in the deep south of the African continent was an uncertain new challenge.  How would six metres be?  Experience and advice on conditions were either rare or very negative - 7P8AA couldnít get any QSOs on 50MHz.

The Mountain Inn in Mbane was at approximately 1300 m.  The other mountains in the surrounding were no more than 300 or 400 m high.  After the station was set up, the first disappointment set in; neither beacons nor other signals could be received.  It was very difficult to determine the right direction for Europe, because the compass had a hard time revealing a definite North direction.

the 6-element yagi by the rooms at the highest point of the Mountain Inn.

Tireless CQ calls eventually earned the first entry in the log with the call from SV1JG on 1st October at 16.10 GMT; there were then daily contacts until the last day, 12th October.  The highlights were the excellent openings on 3rd October and 6th October, with 123 and 125 QSOs respectively, though the local conditions on 6th October with fog and continuous rain were more than bad. 

Wolf, DL4WK listening hard for signals on six metres.

Stations from 28 countries (3DA, 4X, 5B, 9A, 9H, DL, EA, EA6, EY, F, HB9, I, IS, JY, LZ, OD, OE, OK, ON, OZ, S5, SM, SP, SV, UR, YO, YU, ZC4) were worked.  The conditions and the IC 706 didnít allow more.  It turned out only later that the IC 706 had a damaged filter-unit, which severely reduced the sensitivity. 

Our worst fears did not materialise, 334 QSOs were entered into the log.  Our experience was that Southern Africa had conditions that were similar to those of the Northern Hemisphere, very changeable and extremely varied.

some of the team with members of the Swazi Radio Society (left to right): sigi DL7DF, Frank DL7UFR, Willy 3DA0BD, Andy 3DA1BD, Reiner DL7KL.


UKSMG Six News issue 72, February 2002


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