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Approval of 2001 AGM minutes
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Group strategy
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 Unadopted Minutes


Pursuant to due notice, the meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM Saturday, 6th April 2002 at Reaseheath Agricultural College near Crewe, UK.

The following committee members were present: Peter Bowyer G4MJS (Chairman), Chris Gare G3WOS (Vice Chairman), Chris Deacon G4IFX, Dennis Robbemond PA7FM, Clive Davies G4FVP, Trevor Day G3ZYY, Dave Toombs G8FXM (Secretary, ex officio).

Apologies for absence were received from the following: Iain Philipps GØRDI (Secretary), Mike Wills G3OIL (Treasurer), Peter Kay GØKUX and Kerry Rochester G0LCS (retiring committee members), Bob Treacher BRS32525, Colin Fallaize MUØFAL, David Hewitt G8ZRE, Ivan Privitera 9H5IP, Jack Braithwaite G3PWK, Brian Bower G3COJ, Jason Rhodes 2E1FUF, Jeff Cathrow NH7RO (ex KF6GYM), Jose Perez EH7CD, Ken Willis G8VR, Peter Schleuss HB9RUZ, Peter Scutt G3IBI, Robert Sohl W6BYA and Ted Collins G4UPS.

The chairman introduced Dave Toombs G8FXM, who undertook the secretary’s role at the AGM in the absence of Iain Philipps.


1.  Welcome of Guests

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked in particular, the following overseas guests: HB9QQ, N2NEH, EI3IO, EI7BMB, YA4F (G4KUX), PA7MM, PA7FM, PA5DD and to N5JEH to whom the Chairman offered the Group’s thanks for his assistance with the preparation work for the AGM and Convention.


2.  Approval of Minutes of 2001 AGM

On motion of the Chairman, the minutes of the 2001 UKSMG AGM were approved as published in ‘Six News’ issue 69.  Proposed by G8BCG, and seconded by G8BQX.


3.  Chairman’s Report

The chairman opened by commenting on the condition of Solar Cycle 23 over the past 12 months and it’s so-called demise.  With 19 all-time new countries since the last AGM, Cycle 23 seems to be enjoying a second wind.

The chairman also commented on the resource difficulties that faced the committee over the past 12 months, which had taken up much of the committee’s time.

The Chairman reported that there had been a slight drop off in membership over the past 12 months.  According to the membership database, the membership currently stands at 934.  The Chairman felt however the actual number is probably higher than this, as some of the outstanding subscriptions are still out with country managers and some subscriptions have also been received but not yet banked.  Measures to be taken this year should improve membership numbers.

New initiatives

During the last year, the six-metre community have benefited from on line resources such as DX Clusters providing information who is on, when and where.  This has contributed greatly to DX being worked, furthering our understanding of the conditions that favour DX working.  As a result of this, the group is turning its attention more to electronic tools on the web site.  Members will be invited to put forwarded their suggestions and views on the type of services that should be offered in the coming months.

The Chairman praised Chris Gare, G3WOS for the marvellous job done so far on establishing and marinating the group’s website.  A new committee position of Webmaster has been created to take the website further and create the new services previously mentioned.  There are many new membership services in the planning stage at present, which will require the skills of a Webmaster to create.

The Chairman thanked G4CCZ for his continued support in providing hosting facilities for the UKSMG web site.


The Chairman stated that sponsorship had received relatively little attention over the past 12 months.  The group had however provided the following:

  • A transverter to HR7BY

  • Donation for the Cook Islands expedition

  • An antenna for 5R8

  • A donation of £103 ($150) to the Swaziland expedition

This year sponsorship had already been agreed or paid towards the costs of PW0T, TI9M and 8Q7XX.  Other proposals were in the pipeline.

The committee has created the position of DXpedition and Sponsorship Manager to ensure that a greater focus is applied to this area.  Clive Davies G4FVP is fulfilling this new role.

Other issues

The Chairman thanked all the country managers for their continued support over the past 12 months, and accepted with regret the resignation of VK4CP.  The Chairman and the Committee thanked VK4CP for his work as Country Manager.  This position is now vacant and the committee will be seeking a replacement.  All liaison via the Secretary.

Iain Phillips, GØRDI’s illness over the past 12 months had meant that he could not devote as much time as he would have liked to the role of Secretary.  Consequently, the more proactive functions of the secretary’s role had been put on the back burner.  The issues surrounding collections in local currency have now been greatly simplified for EU countries with the arrival of the Euro.  The committee will review in the coming months options such as centralised collections.

Payment via credit card direct from the web site had been suggested, but on further investigation proved too costly to run.

The Chairman mentioned the passing of G5KW (membership #1), and advised that the committee had decided to mark Ken’s outstanding contribution with the establishment of the G5KW Memorial trophy, donated by committee to be awarded for the best article to appear in ‘Six News’.


4.  Treasurers Report

Trevor Day, G3ZYY presented the Treasurer’s Report on behalf of the Treasurer as follows:

2001 Report

The report shows a small surplus on the year and a considerable improvement on budget.  However, the following should be noted:

  • There are variations in income and expenditure compared with budget caused by the form of last years' AGM that were not anticipated at the time of producing the budget.  However the differences balance out positively

  • There was a £1000 underspend on DX support

Bank Balances at 2nd April 2002:

  • Current account £979.58

  • Deposit account £6218.38


2002 Budget


Subscriptions at approximately the same level as this year – No subscription increase.

Other income and sponsorships decreased in line with the requirements of this year’s AGM.

Advertising revenue will increase.


Postage and ‘Six News’ production costs increased.

Sponsorship of DXpeditions and other support has been increased to £1,200, of which approximately half has already been committed.

Travel costs are lower as the speakers at this year’s AGM have paid their own travel costs.

AGM budget is a reserve to cover the financial uncertainty of this new form of AGM.

The forecast result is negative, as the Committee has decided to use some of the reserve for DX support at this time in the Sunspot cycle.

On the motion of the Treasurer Mike Wills, G3OIL (in absentia) to keep subscriptions at the same level for 2002.  Proposed by Trevor Day G3ZYY, seconded by Chris Gare G3WOS.  The motion was carried.

The 2001 event in Bletchley was not well received by those who attended, due to car parking problems etc.  There was however a good UKSMG audience.  The group was approached by the R.S.G.B.  to run some kind of event this year, which spawned this year’s event.  The Convention finances are self supporting, door revenue will pay for most costs.

A motion to accept the financial report for 2001 was carried, proposed by Conrad Farlow GØRUZ, seconded by John Hoban GØEVT.


5.  Election of Officers

The Chairman thanked outgoing committee members Peter Kay, GØKUX and Kerry Rochester, GØLCS for their outstanding contribution to the Group and continued support.

Chris Gare, G3WOS will be stepping down from managing the website.  This has created new openings in the committee and the following new positions have been created: Webmaster and DXpedition & Sponsorship Manager.

Nominations for the committee had been received by email as follows:

Callsign  Position Proposed Seconded
G4MJS Chairman G8TIC G6YIN
G3WOS Vice Chairman G4MJS  G4CCZ
G8FXM Secretary G3WOS G3ZYY
G4FVP DXpedition & Sponsorship Manager G4IFX G4MJS
G3ZYY Committee Member G0VRV G4IFX
PA7FM Contest Manager G3ZYY G0VRV
G1JDU Webmaster G3WOS G0XDI
G0RDI Awards Manager  G4BWP G0VEP

The Chairman asked if there were any further nominations before a vote was taken.  No further nominations were proposed, the vote was taken and the above were elected to the committee unopposed.

The Chairman thanked all committee members and retiring members for their support and hard work for the Group.


6.  Presentation of Awards 

 Peter, G8BCG receives the Ellis Cup on behalf of the G0VSM contest group

 Pierre, HB9QQ (left) presents the Richardson Cup to G0RMG

The Chairman introduced HB9QQ who presented the awards as follows:

Award   Winner Presented at AGM
Richardson Cup Summer Contest UK Single-op GØRMG *
Treasurer's Tray Summer Contest SWL BRS 32525  
Novice Tray Summer Contest Novice 2E1FUF  
Ellis Challenge Cup Summer Contest UK Multi-op GØVSM *
(Received by G8BCG)      
Secretary's Salver Summer Contest QRP Award G8ZRE  
The Jersey Trophy Outstanding Services to 50 MHz G4IFX *
G8VR Shield Summer Contest Rest of World KF6GYM/6  
Cup Summer Contest Rest of Europe EH7CD  
Cup Summer Contest Europe Multi-op 9HØO  
G5KW Memorial Trophy Best Original Article in ‘Six News’ G8VR *
(Received by 2E1JIM)      


 James 2E1JIM receives the G5KW Memorial Trophy on behalf of Ken Willis, G8VR

 Chris, G4IFX (right) receives the Jersey Trophy from HB9QQ

The Chairman made a special mention of the 9HØO team (9H5NB, 9H1PA, 9H1PI, 9H1EI and 9H1MR) who have won the Summer Contest Europe Multi-op two years running.

The G5KW Memorial Award has been awarded this year to G8VR for his outstanding series of articles entitled "50 Years of 50 MHz”.  As Ken couldn’t make it to the AGM, James 2E1JIM received the award on his behalf.  A second presentation will take place after the AGM where James will present the award to Ken personally.


7.  Group Strategy

Clive Davies, G4FVP presented the new five-year strategy for the UKSMG, which follows on from the previous three-year strategy 1999 - 2001.

This strategy outlines direction that group will follow for the next five years.  There are a lot of similarities to the previous strategy and it aims to sustain the valuable work of the Group as the present sunspot cycle declines.  The Group aims to remain international in nature.  A summary of the new strategy follows:


  • Encourage wider use of the six-metre band especially in countries with few or no resident operators (such as Asia, Russia etc.) and be a strong advocate for maintaining and extending band privileges

  • Provide topical and vital information that extends enjoyment and learning from the six-metre band

  • Encourage and publish research into propagation and technical developments

  • Provide a ‘hobby group’ for all those interested in the use of the six-metre band and maximise opportunities for members to be involved in the running of the Group

  • Encourage good practice in the use of the six-metre band

Development of Six Metres

  • Implement projects that are a vehicle for the development of six metres as an exciting aspect of the amateur radio hobby by, for example, promoting and supporting beacons etc

  • Promote and support DXpeditions

  • Promote fixed station operation

  • Encourage more contact with the scientific fraternity for the purpose of participation and sharing current learning and encourage our members to take part in this research

  • Produce or support the publication of articles, books and other publications either directly as the UKSMG or in partnership with others

  • Projects will be prioritised on the principle of ‘best return for effort’


  • Maintain the membership at least at the level at January 2002 and to increase membership

  • Seek the enthusiasts who wish to make a long-term commitment to the UKSMG

  • Achieve and retain an international membership base


  • Produce a broadly balanced budget over the life-span of the strategy

  • Invest group funds in our development strategy

  • Provide a subsidised and/or free membership service to enthusiastic radio amateurs in developing countries

  • Be open and accountable in the provision of financial information


  • Promote the UKSMG for the purposes of attracting new members, retaining existing members and in due course to encourage members to serve on the UKSMG committee

  • Raise awareness of six metres and the potential of the band

  • Raise awareness amongst national societies and telecomm administrations

  • Organise forums, meetings and seminars with six-metres as the main focus


  • Organise contests for the enjoyment of members and promote activity compatible with band conditions, taking account of the times at which members are available and adhering to the Voluntary Operating Code of Practice for six-metre operators

Good operating practice

  • Promote the voluntary ‘Operating Code of Practice for Six-metre Operators’, contribute to future revisions of the code and encourage other amateur radio organisations to adopt it

Membership Services

  • Provide both a high quality and a diverse range of services for members

  • Continue the long-term commitment to ‘Six News’

  • Maintain a high quality web site on the Internet, providing a range of information services and archives


  • Maximise the involvement of members in the running of the UKSMG and provide on going opportunities for members to interact with the UKSMG committee


  • Monitor progress annually against the strategy; this will be achieved by preparing an annual report, to be published in Six News and to be presented at the AGM

A full copy of the strategy is available on the UKSMG website at


8.  Questions

Bernard Jayne, G8BFL raised the issue of the beacon allocation in the current band plan.  US CW operators get upset as they operate in the beacon section of band.  In the discussion that followed, it was agreed that the band plan is not regulated and was in fact a gentleman’s agreement.  Further discussion on this topic was deferred to the open forum later in the day.

Conrad Farlow, GØRUZ suggested that to promote six metres to ITU administrations is a great idea but how do we do it?  Clive Davies, G4FVP advised that the Group does not normally take a unilateral approach although it had done so on occasion in the past, for instance with Egypt, which led to the current Egyptian activity.


9.  Any other Business

Pre - advised items:

EI3IO asked if there were any sanctions that the group could impose on recipients of group sponsorship who refuse to QSL.  Clive Davies, G4FVP responded that this point is more of a historical issue.  This issue has highlighted the point that the Group does have DXpedition guidelines but has not had guidelines for the sponsorship of fixed stations.  Clive indicated that he would put a policy in place for fixed station sponsorship.  He further commented that the Committee has to take risks sometimes but will ensure that recent problems are not repeated.  Specific examples were discussed.

MUØFAL asked what the Group could do to assist with the legalisation of six metres in Russia.  G4FVP replied that the Group will try to help where it can, but there is no one group in Russia that could assist.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM.


Summary of motions carried

Motion Proposed Seconded
Agree the minutes of 2001 AGM G8BCG G8BQX
Subscriptions to remain unchanged for 2002 G3ZYY G3WOS
Accept the Treasurers financial report for 2001 GØRUZ GØEVT








unadopted minutes